Cow Monitoring system

A precision livestock farming system concerns about dairy cows welfare.

Advanced Neck Collar for Cow Monitoring

Benefits include:

  • Accurate heat detection.
  • Accurate rumination and eating time data.
  • Individual cow health alerts.
  • Group digestion alerts.
  • 24/7 wireless detection and management.

Manage your heard like ever before

Provide growers with informative historical reports about daily cows health situations up to 6 months that support vets to take a perfect decision on the right time for Ex..

  • estrus herd index report .
  • lameness herd index report.
  • herd activity index report.
  • herd temp index report.

System Features

Motion Detection

Growers observe animal behavior (rumination, eating, and locomotion). This information is translated by Agrcology to provide up-to-date monitoring and warnings around the clock for groups and individual cows.

Heat Detection​

Accurately detects the estrus signs timing and help growers to perform the insemination in perfect time to reduce vet costs and minize failed Siemens


Detect defects append in cow's leg and hoof in it's early stage to avoid milk drop because of Complications

Modern Design

Streamlined design, light weight, large capacity battery, and highly durable materials with quality certificates from international laboratories at an affordable price.

Rumination rate

Accurate rumination and eating patterns are used as indications of each cow’s health. Receive health alerts when cows stray from their patterns. The alerts detail the changes and possible causes.


Agrcology monitors animal behavior (rumination, eating, and motion). This information is translated by Agrcology to provide updated, round-the-clock monitoring and warnings for groups, and individual cows.

Internet of Cows

using the best of bread of technology can afford accurate results with low cost 

Why Choose Us

wide coverage

Agrcology system covers 10 Square Kilo meters in rural area

power consumption

Battery last 2 years for every charge


93% accuracy for heat detection, Lameness and Rumination rate

Arabic Support

Our system supports both Arabic and English Language


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